Alexis Schorner – Stylist

Alexis Schorner


(615) 720-4973 

From the desk of El Zora Enterprises – Epoch Salon CEO writes:

Everything Alexis does is Quality! From her humble beginnings in distant Montana, to her seasoned city adventures here in Nashville, she has long been on a path of fashion and style. Catering to a wide variety of clients, Alexis has 15 years of experience and news of quality work spreads fast. Her fame for being the “fixer,” as well as her creativity at designing complimentary and contemporary styles for both feminine and masculine clients, has spread like wild-fire by word of mouth to grow her successful enterprise it is today.

Her formal training as a stylist is both extensive and meticulous. After completing her cosmetology program ahead of schedule and first in her class, in a state that required 2000 hours of education, she immediately sought out an AVEDA salon to advance her skills and product knowledge. For seven years, Alexis eagerly gleaned valuable experience from licensed and professional AVEDA educators. This shaped and defined the stylist she has become today: one whose top priority is her clients’ needs and concerns that are unique and specific to the individual; and one who is an educator of products that will improve the health and quality of our most vital accessory, our hair!

The Vision to open her own salon with her unique style and personality quickly became a reality in the fall of 2010. With 150+ loyal followers, and a concept of designing a more private and individualized salon experience, EPOCH SALON STUDIOS was born – in the heart of historic East Nashville. Alexis has a passion to provide high-end salon services and professionalism that says, “It’s only Fashion, but we take it serious!”.

Alexis is thrilled for the opportunity to operate her own Epoch Salon Studios and be an active part of this exciting area of town. She is constantly looking to improve and elevate the atmosphere and experience of being an EPOCH SALON Guest, with you in mind. Her attention to detail and her ability to be efficient is unequaled. Her clients and the co-workers she inspires stand as testimony of her ability to lead and be an authority in providing excellent services that speak for themselves.

Epoch Salon Studios

1009 Fatherland Street

Nashville, TN 37206


For your relaxation and our attention to your hair, please arrange for childcare prior to your service.


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