Nashville Local Artist Kelly Kerrigan!

14 Oct

I have known the Nashville artist, Kelly Kerrigan, for almost a decade and own one of her Tramp Lamps myself! It hangs artfully and romantically in my master bedroom. Four of Kelly’s lamps are hanging in the salon and are for sale for only $100 each(a $30-$50 discount!!). They will be on display for a couple months so stop by Epoch Salon and see these beauties up close! More of her art, including more lamps, are for sale on her etsy site.

Thank you for supporting a local artist!

A word from the artist…

About Tramp Lamps:

I have been Making One of a Kind Unique Lamps crafted from recycled Vintage & Modern Lingerie for over 10 years. Before I began making & selling my Tramp Lamps, I researched the idea thoroughly to be certain I was not copying someone else’s creative process or concept. Once I found that Nothing like this had ever been made before, I proceeded to develop my very first Lamps.

It was in the early Autumn of 2003 when I made my first Tramp Lamp & Launched my website. I made over 1000 individual Lamps in the first 10 years and I still love finding antique, Vintage, and used garments to alter, illuminate, decorate, wire for lighting and sell to people all over the Earth.

I have had the good fortune to be endorsed by founders of major lingerie companies, as well as complemented by the Heiress of a legendary American undergarment empire that was named after her when she was just a baby.

I love what I do and I am eternally grateful to everyone who has enjoyed my Tramp Lamps.

If you see anyone else making anything that resemble Tramp Lamps in any way, please let them know about

Thank your Support in my endeavor of illuminated Lingerie.
I love making TRAMP LAMPS and I love making art.
This is my full time job; I make it, I pack it, and I stand in line at the post to ship it.
I want you to love it & to be happy with it.

Remember, when you purchase from my shop, you are directly supporting me and my child. We thank you so very much!


~Kelly K

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